Change (In the field of illusion)

She felt a small prickling
but regarded it as nothing
as we often do.

Nothing ever changed.

He had a dream
pertaining to his situation
but ignored it
as we often do.

Nothing ever changes.

They swim through consciousness

Everything is changing.

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Sometimes I lose focus
and end up drifting...

Sometimes I lose track
of who I really am
or who I really want
to be.

Sometimes we all
just need a hug.
Sometimes we all
just need a reminder
of happiness.So

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I feel kinda like
my eardrums
are choking.
Sort of like when
you bite off
more than you can chew.

It clogs the passageway for
true vibrations to touch
my inner workings.

Maybe one day
I'll wake up
from this dream.

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Swimming in the Inferno

That hole in the sun keeps smiling
pulling us closer every second

I find comfort
in knowing that
one day I'll be engulfed
swallowed whole
in a fiery embrace

I can almost taste the carbon

Creator of life
incinerate me
deliver me to
an eternal sleep

Your golden aura shines so brightly
let me caress it's warm glow

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The Box

Use your mind
as you would use your hands.
Contort and twist
the geometry
of your universe
of your reality.

If you struggle too much
it may crumble.
If you do nothing
it will be formed for you.

Find the happy medium.

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Speak not to me,
of a celestial being.
This great body
you discuss with such
is merely an illusion.
This image you have
created within your very minds
is merely a curtain
veiling the truth.

We strive to explain
that which we will never
be capable of understanding.
In doing this,
we are left
with broken spirits
and false prophecies
that will be defended
for eternity.

Allow the universe
to remain a mystery,
and revel in it's true beauty.

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